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CHARLIE FOXTROT (Delta Force Unleashed Thrillers #9)

CHARLIE FOXTROT (Delta Force Unleashed Thrillers #9)

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A tragic traffic accident in Myanmar takes the life of a little girl and leads to street protests at the American Embassy with thousands whipped up by the corrupt military regime.

Washington, worried of another Tehran, orders the embassy evacuated.

And things go horribly wrong.

America’s Delta Force is sent in to rescue those that remain when they are ambushed by a prepared enemy, taking things from bad to worse.

They have no choice but to fight their way out of the city, a city where they have no friends and no allies, with only their wits, their training, and their eyes in the sky to save them and the civilians they’re responsible for.

Failure isn’t an option with so many lives at stake, including their own.

Even if the mission is a complete Charlie Foxtrot.

With Charlie Foxtrot, award-winning USA Today and million copy bestselling author J. Robert Kennedy once again delivers an action-packed pulse-pounding international thriller sure to leave you reading just one more chapter late into the night. If you thrive on big action, then you’ll love it when America unleashes Delta on its enemies.

Get your copy of Charlie Foxtrot now, and see what happens when Bravo Team has a really bad day…

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